Thursday, 29 April 2010

Luke and I are probably going to Busan this weekend to see a baseball game with a former student. We need some good hotel ideas!..

...I'll be around the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Sajik-dong, Dongnae-gu. It's on the Subway Line 3. But, if you can't find much, we're thinking about heading to Haeundae after the game to liquor it up. I'm sure there are tons in Haeundae. Any good motels (love motels are perfect) for under 70,000?

Ohhhh Busan! It's always Busan! Expensive Busan with the badly listed motels!

I had a look at a map, line 3 is miles out. Part of me wants to suggest these motels, as they're near Nampo-dong bus terminal which is where I expect you'll arrive. But if you're drinking then you'll most likely want to be around Haeundae. Getting a cab all that way would be annoying.

Firstly, I have two listings for motels in Haeundae already but they might not be excatly what you're after. Motel Sugar is here and my favourite, the Mu Motel is here. The Mu Motel's most basic of rooms really do look quite lovely and in fact, oh joy of joys! They are quoting their basic rooms (Ilban shil) as 60,000 Won at the weekends. If you can, hurry, hurry to the Mu!

The nicest motels in Haeundae get booked up super quick on the weekends, so I implore you to get there as early as you can, around 6pm would be perfect. Or even call ahead to confirm the price and request to reserve a room!

As a back-up, I've looked up a few more basic motels which you should be able to fall back on...

So first up there's

I haven't been there, but room 209 has a chaise lounge in in it, and a bath!

It's not super-glamorous or fabulous but part of me wants to trust the pictures, I mean anywhere with a chaise lounge has to be alright, surely?

Prices are quoted as a maximum of 60,000 Won per night at the weekend.

You can find this motel at 부산 해운대구 중동 947-1 or call them on .

Anyway, NEXT!


This motel is a bit odd looking in my opinion, it seems pretty old and brown. However, the VIP room is dirt cheap. I'm not sure how well that bodes but let's have a little look...

It is, if nothing else, quite large! And it has a circular bath!

You can find Universe at 부산 해운대구 중동 1026 or contact them on

Let me know how you guys faired, have a fantastic weekend in Busan!


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