Monday, 19 October 2009

Mu Motel, Haundae, Busan

Our next stop on our brief honeymoon before my husband started his job here in Korea, was at Haeundae Beach in Busan. We took the KTX down to Busan from Seoul and then a 20 minute bus ride to Haeundae. Haeundae is also reachable by subway from Busan station, or by overground rail. The woman at the information point in Busan station was not forthcoming with the fact that it was possible to get to Haeundae by train and since we had a years worth of belongings stuffed into two enormous suitcases we were unable to scale the stairs down to the subway and thus, we took the bus. It wasn't much easier to take the bus with two huge suitcases but the other passengers were very tolerant of us taking up so much room. Personally I would suggest that you take the subway if possible as it is cheap, clean and efficient.

Hotel365, the website I like to use when choosing Love Motels, doesn't have a great selection listed for Haeundae and I had been advised before hand that there is such a wide selection of great places to stay down there that it would be possible to just pick one when we arrived at the beach.

The bus dropped us off at the beach front and we could immediately see a large cluster of motels across the road. Due to the fact that one of our bags broke almost as soon as we set foot in Haeundae and also due to a Korean man who directed us enthusiastically towards it, we chose the Mu Motel as it was close to where we were standing when the bag lost it's wheels. There are probably better reasons to select where you'll be spending the night, but this method worked very well for us. We chose a deluxe room this time, rather than a VIP, as fantastic as the VIP suites are we weren't planning on spending too much time in the room.

Our room was a reasonable size and light and airy with a beach theme that chimed nicely with the long sandy beach just down the road from us. Everything was clean and modern with great decoration including a huge sliding panel which slid across to cover the window instead of curtains or shutters.

As you can see from the pictures, this room had two PCs with free internet access side by side! Perfect couple harmony! No more arguing over who gets the computer when you stay at Mu Motel...

This motel room also had a steam shower, jacuzzi bath, large screen TV with DVD player, fridge with free soft drinks, hot and cold water dispenser and all of the assorted free toiletries which are given to you when you check in.

Having looked around Haeundae since, I think the quality of love motels in the area is a little overstated by some and the Mu Motel is one of the better, more modern places to stay. Here at the Korean Love Motel Guide a PC and a bath does not a great Love Motel make, it's the little touches like soft sheets, nice, quirky decor and a total absence of seediness which marks out the great Korean Love Motels, and it's my mission to seek them out!

Motel Mu have provided this great map on their website which will help you find your way, should you arrive from the subway/train station.

Otherwise, if you are arriving by taxi then here is the telephone number, if you wish to give it to your driver so he can get directions: 051-743-6830.

Haeudae is a truly gorgeous place to visit, I was a little nervous before I went that it would be a tacky nightmare, but it's not. The beach in August was crowded by not impossible and while the water wasn't as warm as it is in India, it was comfortable and you can enjoy yourself splashing around in a large rubber ring available to rent right next to the water.

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  1. I'm about to head there now. Really enjoyed your blog posts. Have you left Korea now? If not, get back on them!