Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Motel Sugar- Busan

This motel already has a good few existing reviews, but none as glorious and stylish as mine. So read on!

Motel Sugar has quite a reputation as one of the better motels in Haeundae, Busan. I'd like to say that I chose to stay there in a fit of investigative journalism, hungry to get the scoop on the best motel in town. Alas, that would be a lie. We plumped for Motel Sugar as it has twin rooms and we were travelling as a trio, Greg, Ellen and I. It transpires that the twin rooms in Motel Sugar are in fact the 'Royal Suites'. How fitting.

It was a Saturday night in Haeundae, the night that the skankiest rooms seem to become extortionate and rare and therefore we found ourselves handing over something like 140,000 Won for the pleasure of two beds for us to collapse into when we got back from the bars that night.

Before I start I want to say that I recommend Motel Sugar, it's a great place to stay and whatever anyone says, 140,000 Won isn't that much for a VIP room at the weekend.

HOWEVER! This blog is dedicated to the most unusual and coolest motels in Korea and this motel hasn't saved itself a special place in my heart. Looking at the lower grade rooms, it's not dissimilar to the already reviewed Mu Motel just down the road from it. In fact I prefer The Mu's VIP room and think that their standard rooms are roughly equal.

Take a look for yourself though...

So it's orange, but that's not a serious mark against Motel Sugar, how could they have known I hated orange, that it washed out my complexion, that it matched none of my clothes? They couldn't possibly... Or could they? No... surely not..! Anyway, it may be a seriously unflattering shade of orange but everything matched nicely, the frieze on the wall was cute and very 'Haeundae'. Half the motels in this part of town seem to be sharing rolls of wallpaper and graphic artists. I wonder if there's some seriously rich interior designer skulking around Haeundae, killing off the competition?

What I really loved about this motel though is the bathroom, it had stones! I don't know what it is about about this great Korean meme, maybe it's spread wider than just Korea, maybe in Japan, China, Thailand, they're all enjoying the mystical benefits of walking shoe-less on piles of smooth stones. I don't know. But this bathroom had a handy path of smooth, clean stones for the bather to nurture their feet with as they walked towards the bath. Of course for us lily-footed westerners, this just left us limping.

However! Stones aside, this was one swanky bathroom! When there are steps leading up to the bath, you know you've got a good thing going on! Huge bath, steam shower, flattering lighting, stones... This was definitely one of the better bathrooms I've seen.

This is where it's time for a confession though. I visited this motel on my birthday and I have to admit I was less than exacting in my investigation of the accommodation; no photos of the freebies, no fridge inventory, no recollection of the exact price of the room. I've let you all down I know.

This wouldn't be so bad, I've been slack before but always saved myself with a bit of a web search, sadly Motel Sugar has one of the most insane websites I've come across, it may take me days to figure out what all those numbers and symbols really mean.

Not to be a complete failure, I have handily embedded a helpful map for you all to peruse and enjoy at your leisure.

I wouldn't want to suggest the Motel Sugar were over compensating for their appalling website, but in the spirit of connectivity they are contactable by email on heo0101@hanmail.net , telephone on 82 51 747 8620 and of course through their website too.

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